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Reduit im Luft Berner Kompagnie

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Reduit im Luft Berner Kompagnie

Reduit im Luft Berner Kompagnie




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Reduit Im Luft Berner Kompagnie is a U.K.-based living history group, which reenacts the Swiss Flying Corps and Anti-Aircraft troops, during ww2.Although officially neutral, there were sporadic airbattles, over the Jura Mountains, in May and June 1940, with Luftwaffe Bf 109's and Bf 110's. The swiss had purchased Bf 109 D's and E's before hostilities began, and had produced the French Morane Ms406 under licence.  

Reduit im Luft/Wehrhafte Schweiz have previously exhibited large displays, at War & Peace and Military Odyssey in Kent.

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